Fee Structure

Below are some headline notes regarding fees – these include direct links to the relevant sets of terms and conditions.

Permanent Placements

Permanent jobs are billed on the basis that a percentage of the annual salary plus guaranteed bonus / company car etc (to value thereof) will be invoiced to the client and that the client shall have the protection of the guarantee period in line with the terms and conditions of placement.

Fixed term contract placements are charged in exactly the same way – with the fee being a pro rata calculation of the permanent fee.

To view these terms please follow this link.

Retained Assignments

Retained recruitment is executed on the basis that Recruitment Cumbria Ltd (RC) will be the sole agency and provide dedicated resource to satisfy the needs of the client.

Ordinarily the project commences with a one third of predicted fee deposit, a further third at presentation of shortlist of applicable candidates for second interview (first interviews having been conducted) and then the balance upon successful appointment.

This solution provides greater control for all parties and ensures a very high level of efficiency and low down time for the client.

To view these terms please follow thisĀ link.

Temporary Placements

Temporary placements are charged per hour and are invoiced, ordinarily, upon confirmation of the hours worked by the candidate from the client.

For full sets of Terms and Conditions relating to the introduction of temporary staff please follow thisĀ link.

Adjustment to standard Terms and Conditions including fees

Adjustments to the above will only be agreed if Recruitment Cumbria Ltd (RC) are officially documented as preferred suppliers and are listed upon the relevant PSL / PSA documentation.

This may include master vendor agreements but not where the effect is punitive to RC.

It is significant to note that if a specific clause of any terms is altered via mutual agreement, the balance of the terms will remain intact and unaltered.