Perfect Your CV for Your Recruitment Agency in Barrow

If you’re applying to a recruitment agency in Barrow, whether for a specific job application or to register speculatively as a candidate on their books for future opportunities, then you must make sure that your CV and cover letter are of the highest quality. A good application will make you stand out for all the right reasons. Remember that recruiters receive hundreds of CVs every week, so you need to put the work in to ensure that yours is memorable.

Format and Template

Firstly, make sure that your CV is no longer than two pages in length. Use double line spacing or a well-sized font — nothing below size 10. Choose a basic non-serif font suitable for online reading, such as Arial. Leave plenty of white space and margin room for readability and employ bullet points, boxes and logical ordering to make the CV as readable as possible. This will make your CV easy to read and therefore ensure that no recruitment agency in Barrow will be put off by your CV.


Be selective about the content. If you are applying for a senior management role, then you needn’t list your junior executive roles. List the most relevant and appropriate information for the role you are applying for, but be careful not to leave any gaps. Recruiters and employers alike spot these immediately and think there is something suspicious that isn’t being mentioned. If you have a gap in your employment history, or your grades were not as good as they should be, speak to your recruiter for advice about how to word this.

Spelling and Grammar

Your spelling and grammar need to be perfect, especially if you apply for a role which lists communication skills as a key requirement. Never rely on your word-processing program’s spell check. Instead, read through the content several times yourself and ask a couple of eagle-eyed friends, relatives or colleagues to do a similar proofing and editing job for you. It is very easy to miss basic errors when you have looked too often at one document.

Things to Leave Out

You don’t need to put your marital status, date of birth or a photo on your CV. Keep it plain and simple, and let the quality of the content speak for itself. Make sure you have a professional email address, and ensure that the contact details are up to date and correct. Some candidates lose out on interviews simply because they cannot be reached.

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