Apprentices Help Fill Design Engineer Vacancies in Ulverston

Apprenticeships have a vital role to play in securing the necessary talent for the future success of the engineering industry. Without the new blood entering the sector and getting the hands-on experience that is required, the number of design engineers will not keep up with demand. One local Ulverston-based business will this year take on the biggest number of female apprentices, as they look to increase the number of young girls entering the sector.

Benefits of Apprenticeships
Apprenticeships can offer advantages for both the young person who takes part in the scheme and the employer.

They provide people with the opportunity to learn whilst they’re also gaining practical experience and starting to earn money. Apprentices study for industry-recognised qualifications so that at the end of the course they have the certification to prove what they’ve achieved. The programmes have to be monitored closely by the employer, and apprentices will be supported by mentors to ensure that they’re getting the most from the experience. At every step of their journey they are learning something new and honing their skills.

young engineers

For the employer, employing apprentices gives them the opportunity to mould the next generation of engineers. They can take on people who are willing to learn and develop their careers. It is also the chance to train young people in the specific areas that are necessary for that particular business rather than having to adapt the skills of new people coming into the company.

Local Companies Benefit
One of the companies based in Cumbria that is enjoying the benefits of apprentices is Siemens Subsea. When they were looking to fill design engineer vacancies in Ulverston, they understood that apprenticeships were the way forward. In their recent 2015 intake, one fifth of the apprenticeships were filled by women.

The company believes that working closely with local schools is the way to ensure they get the very best talent, regardless of whether they are male or female.

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