Are Public Sector Jobs in Cumbria Affected by Northern Powerhouse?

Recently, there has been frequent talk of a Northern Powerhouse and its potential to improve the UK’s economy. Whilst it is obvious that a Northern Powerhouse would affect private sector roles, it is not so clear whether it would have an effect on public sector jobs, or whether it would affect public sector jobs in Cumbria.

What is the Northern Powerhouse?
The Northern Powerhouse is a plan set forward by George Osbourne in order to boost economic growth in the North of England, balancing the UK economy to create two economically strong ends of Britain that can take on the world united.
In order to create this Northern Powerhouse, Osbourne plans on improving areas such as transport, science and innovation, and arts and culture, whilst also devolving power to cities in order to give them more control over their own governing.

Is Cumbria Affected?
Arguably, the whole of the North is affected, even areas that are not cities and thus not affected directly. With phrases such as “One Agenda, One Economy, One North” used by the government, this certainly seems to be the aim. However, since no cities are affected in Cumbria, and the focus is on larger ones such as Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield, there has been some dissatisfaction in the county regarding the exclusion of the area.
Rob Johnston, chief executive of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce spoke of a need to involve ourselves, as a county, in order to benefit from the plans. This view was echoed by Rory Stewart, the Conservative MP for Penrith and The Border, who said that Cumbria has to negotiate our involvement in the plans. Stewart, a junior minister in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, also said that he would like to see a “rural powerhouse” and that he is “keen to not make it just benefit cities”.

Are Public Sector Jobs in Cumbria Affected?
It seems, then, that it is not clear whether public sector jobs in Cumbria are going to be directly affected by the Northern Powerhouse plans. Certainly, an improvement to the economy of the North will no doubt spill into the surrounding areas, which in turn will have an impact on all aspects of life.

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