How to attract the best candidates for your engineering jobs.

When you are advertising for engineering jobs vacancies, how do you know that you are getting your advert in front of the very best candidates on the job market? All too often, companies do not run their recruitment process efficiently enough and they pay the price with below-par candidates and sometimes ultimately employing staff who are simply not up to the job. This is a very costly mistake for any business to make, so it’s really important that your recruitment process is streamlined so that you get the very best results. Here’s how to do it:

Structure your internal recruitment policy
The recruitment process starts from the ground up, so it’s really important that your business has a well thought-out recruitment policy. Make sure your HR department is fully equipped with all the tools they need in order to gain access to the best candidates. Your recruitment strategy should extend to designing the format and number of interviews at each stage, making sure the final step involves the candidate meeting with board members and perhaps even external advisors in order to be sure they are the right person for the job.

Work with recruitment agents
When you are recruiting for roles as specific as engineering jobs, it is best to work with a recruitment agent that specialises in that field. They will know the best verticals to advertise with, and they will also have a wealth of contacts that they can use in order to help you find the perfect person. Select your recruitment agent carefully, making sure that they have a proven track record in the field that you are interested in. They will be able to guide you through the process at every step, meaning you stand a far greater chance of finding a new star employee.

Post-employment process
The process doesn’t stop when your selected candidate starts work with you. The beginning of their employment should be monitored with regular review sessions. They should always begin on a trial period so that you have a get-out clause should things not work out the way you want.

Always tread carefully when employing new staff, and ensure that you are in no doubt as to a candidate’s suitability for your engineering jobs before you make that all-important offer. It’s better to wait a while and find the perfect person, than jump too soon as risk employing somebody who is not suitable for the role.

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