What Can You Expect from a Recruitment Agency in Barrow?

For job seekers, recruitment agencies offer valuable services, and it is well worth approaching a recruitment agency in Barrow as part of your job search to help you find your next role.

All the Jobs in One Place

A recruitment agency in Barrow will have a large number of local jobs advertised within the town and the surrounding area, as well as parts of Cumbria further afield and even national or international roles, depending on the assignments available. This means that you don’t need to endlessly search through different jobs boards, newspapers, trade press and other sources of possible listings, because you can find them all in one place at the recruitment agency.

You’ll generally find that your recruitment agency in Barrow will advertise a number of their jobs in the shop window, and it’s worth popping by to see what’s new on a regular basis. The other great resource will be their website, so create a profile on there and sign up to job alerts so that you receive the latest as they are published. Make sure you also upload a copy of your CV and a general cover letter. You will want to adapt these for different jobs, but the initial upload will give the recruiter some information about you.

Build Your Relationship

Be proactive in calling your recruitment agency and scheduling a meeting. When you attend, treat it as an informal interview and dress and act accordingly. Remember that the recruiter is working for the hiring employer and will be recommending you as a potential candidate if they have confidence in that recommendation. Talk through your CV and be very honest at this point. If you have a gap in employment, or you left a previous role for difficult reasons, explain this and the recruiter will help you to present the information in the best possible way.

Be Available and Flexible

If you are job hunting, you must be ready and prepared to attend interviews at short notice, especially if you are prepared to take on temporary or contract assignments whilst looking for a permanent and full-time role. Sometimes candidates get work simply by being available on time. Have your interview suit ready and hanging up in your wardrobe, and answer your phone when it rings.

To find out more and to register interest for the latest jobs in the area, call your local recruitment agency in Barrow today.