How Can You Secure One of the Best Engineering Jobs in Barrow?

The best engineering jobs in Barrow are in great demand. The engineering industry is vastly rewarding, with salary, career prospects, progression and job satisfaction all ranking extremely highly. So what skills do you need to possess to be successful and forge a career in this most vital of industries?

Academic Qualifications

The vast majority of engineering jobs in Barrow will require you to have appropriate level qualifications in the STEM subjects — Maths, Science and Technology. For more senior roles, a degree or equivalent vocational qualification in a field of engineering is also highly valuable. However, although engineering puts great emphasis on the STEM subjects for their analytical and academic benefits, it is also vital that you can communicate effectively across a variety of media. English can be a valuable qualification in this regard too.

Professional Skills

As well as academic qualifications, you’ll need a variety of professional and ‘soft’ skills to get one of the best engineering jobs in Barrow. Excellent communication is essential across a range of functions and levels, meaning that you will need to be able to express yourself and explain things to a diverse range of employees within the organisation, some of whom will share your technical knowledge and some will not. You will also need to be able to work independently when required and as part of a team, and also show a naturally enquiring mind, with excellent problem-solving skills and creativity. Engineering success usually relies on innovation, whether that’s creating something new from scratch or making an existing product better. You will relish complex problems and the processes that arrive at workable solutions.


Engineers often enjoy very successful, rich and rewarding careers, where they work across multiple products and projects, sometimes travelling overseas, and very regularly learning new skills and stretching their capabilities. If you are committed to working hard and forging a successful career in the field, you will find that there are plenty of development opportunities.

A Proactive Nature

To get your foot on the ladder in the engineering industry, you need to be proactive. The best engineering jobs will always be in demand, and you will need to work hard to stand out. Make sure your CV and covering letter are impeccable, and stay in regular touch with your recruitment agency to learn about the latest opportunities.

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