Candidates for Civil Engineering Jobs in Cumbria Lack Skills

New research has shown that over half of employers within the engineering sector, including those looking to fill civil engineering jobs in Cumbria, feel disappointed with the calibre of new employees. The industry report found that the most common attributes missing from new recruits are business acumen and practical experience.

The Skills and Demand in Industry report was commissioned by the Institution of Engineering and Technology. The results highlighted that, amongst employers in the engineering industry, 53% of them didn’t believe the standards of new recruits lived up to their expectations. The biggest issue employers had with candidates and new employees was their lack of experience and skills. They were also disappointed by the unrealistic expectations many candidates had of the role they were applying for. This was particularly noticeable amongst graduates and post-graduates.

Graduate Candidates
Throughout the industry, including among vacancies for civil engineering jobs in Cumbria, employers are struggling to find graduate candidates who are enthusiastic about the career and have a good knowledge of the sector, the company they are applying for and the technology that is involved. The industry sees the education sector as having a key role to play in preparing new recruits for the industry and the wider working world.

Two-thirds of the employers are concerned that as the rate of technological change increases, educational establishments will be unable to produce students with the necessary skills. The report also highlighted that there needs to be a greater collaboration between schools, universities and employers. 23% of employers believe that degrees don’t meet the current requirements of businesses, and over 50% don’t think that technical degrees provide students with the right practical skills.

For the engineering sector to develop and compete on a global scale, there needs to be a greater focus on skills from both the educational world and the industry itself.

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