Civil Engineering Jobs in Cumbria: What is Offshore Engineering?

Civil engineering jobs in Cumbria are among some of the most popular and rewarding careers. Civil engineering involves the design, construction and maintenance of both man-made and natural structures. This includes the building of bridges, roads, buildings and offshore structures.

What is Offshore Engineering?
Offshore engineering is a type of civil engineering that focuses on offshore structures. Offshore engineering can involve researching and designing ways to extract oil or gas in an economic and environmentally friendly way. It could also involve designing the structures themselves, or designing the equipment needed. With the need to balance environmentally friendliness with productivity, an offshore engineer may also be tasked with coming up with innovative methods and cutting-edge designs.
Pressing environmental concerns mean that offshore windfarms are becoming more and more popular and in-demand. Being a coastal county, civil engineering jobs in Cumbria include those on offshore structures such as the Walney Offshore Wind Farm project.

Structures that are classed as off-shore include oil platforms, artificial islands, submarine pipelines and wind farms. Offshore engineering involves all of the usual considerations of similar land based structures. However, offshore engineering also involves a number of extra considerations, such as the stability of the seabed for a heavy structure and the ability to withstand heavy waves. Conditions out at sea can be harsh, and those working on the site would have difficulty escaping, so these considerations are of upmost importance.
As mentioned, offshore engineers work out at sea, and live at the offshore structure. This means that offshore engineers need to be particularly committed and able to perform to incredibly high standards, as there is much less room for error.

When looking for civil engineering jobs in Cumbria, work as an offshore engineer can be incredibly rewarding and salaries are often much higher than other roles. However, there are reasons for this, and working as an offshore engineer often means that you have to spend long periods of time away from friends and family whilst living at the structure.
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