Coding Scheme to Help Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Cumbria

A new initiative that has been launched to encourage children to become interested in coding will help to support those looking for mechanical engineering jobs in Cumbria in the future. The scheme has been set up by Sir Clive Sinclair, the man behind the original Spectrum computer, and he aims to create a whole new generation of coders.

Every Child Can Code
The educational programme is called Every Child Can Code and is an interactive way of teaching school children the basics of computer coding. It has been designed by Retro Computers Ltd, which is headed up by Sir Clive. They want to give children the skills to develop their own games and programs through coding.

In the 1980s the Spectrum computer was behind an influx of enthusiastic home coders. They spent hours in their bedrooms inputting codes into their computers to develop simple programs. This led to the UK becoming a world leader in the industry. The people behind this initiative want to take this enthusiasm and translate it into a way of creating the programmers of the future, while they’re still at school.

Coding is a valuable skill that will become more important as we rely on technology in many areas of our lives. By teaching more children the basics at a young age, it will give them the confidence to go on and develop successful careers in the industry. The scheme is being provided for free and is available to children across the country, regardless of the type of computer they have.

To help support the initiative, the company is also running the first National Schools Coding Championship. This will be split into two divisions: one for prep and primary schools and the other for independent and secondary schools and sixth form colleges. This will provide children with an exciting way to use their new coding skills and compete against others in a fun and imaginative way.

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