Create the perfect CV for engineering Jobs in Barrow

If you live in Cumbria, you’ll know that there are some great jobs in the engineering sector in Barrow; local employers routinely seek talented individuals at all levels to work within their organisations. However, competition for the best roles is fierce so you will need to position yourself strongly at each stage of the application process in order to be successful.

This includes targeting and perfecting your CV. Remember, your CV is the document that presents you as a potential candidate. In many cases, the employer will only have that piece of paper on which to make an interview decision. The exception here is when you use a recruiter and fully engage with them. Recruiters will tend to talk about prospective candidates in more detail with employers and increase the likelihood of an interview in the process.

The right CV

To get the best engineering jobs in Barrow, spend some serious time on your application. Make sure your CV is well presented in a standard format, laid out in a logical order, perfectly spelt and with no grammatical errors. Avoid leaving gaps in your career history. If you are unsure as to how to describe a gap, speak to your recruitment agent for advice. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to do a proof-edit.

Remember to target each application with relevant experience, projects, interests, skills and qualifications. The best engineering jobs in Barrow will be hotly contested, so ensure that your CV is rich in relevant content. Remove any unnecessary points which bear no relation to the role. Consider electronic CV scanning programmes and make sure that you use appropriate keywords that the scanner is likely to pick out. To do this, refer to the job advert, find the key words within it, and include them in your CV content.

Make sure that your CV is no more than 2 pages in length and avoid adding photos, your date of birth or marital status, as all are unnecessary. Reference a portfolio if you have one, or key projects, awards and other notable achievements.

Tailor the content

You will need to tailor your CV to each of the engineering jobs in Barrow for which you are applying. Recruiters and employers alike can rapidly spot a generic CV and will give it far less consideration than the application of someone who has clearly put the time in and who obviously wants the role.

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