What is the current climate like for engineering jobs in Cumbria?

The recruitment industry has never been in a healthier condition thanks to plenty of new jobs springing up. With the recent economic downturn now firmly behind us, employers are beginning to take measured risks again, investing more money in their workforce in order to enjoy steady growth again. Cumbria in particular is thriving and the number of engineering jobs in Cumbria available is on the increase. Here are some common engineering roles that are regularly advertised within the recruitment sector:

Engineering Surveyor (or Building Surveyor)
One of the types of engineering jobs in Cumbria that is available is the role of engineering surveyor. Engineering surveyors are in high demand and have a very important job to do. They are responsible for measuring and recording the earth’s geographical elements and there is work available within cities, counties and state offices. More senior surveyors are often put in charge of a team of junior surveyors, so there is often an element of line management in the job description. They may also be required to undertake project management roles. This is a role with a lot of responsibility and applicants must be qualified with a degree in surveying in order to be successful.

Mechanical Design Engineer
Another one of the types of engineering jobs in Cumbria that is available is the role of mechanical design engineer. The role of a mechanical design engineer can be very varied indeed thanks to the sheer amount of applications for machines across all industries. They are responsible for developing engineering solutions from initial concept and design detail right through to manufacturing. Mechanical design engineers should be able to operate 2D and 3D design packages and have a good knowledge of safety legislation.

Civil Engineer
Also widely available is the role of civil engineer. A civil engineer is responsible for designing many features which we see around our lives every day. Probably the most common examples of this are roads and bridges. A civil engineer will oversee the design and construction of our transport infrastructure, and some go on to specialise in water resources such as dams, transportation, construction and surveying. Again, they need to be educated to degree level with a thorough knowledge of safety legislation, and be comfortable operating 2D and 3D software. This is a role with a high level of responsibility.

There is little doubt that the need for engineering jobs in Cumbria is on the increase, which can only augur well for the construction industry as a whole. Engineering is a rewarding, satisfying and well-paid job for life, and it will always be a tempting career for bright, intelligent people who love to create and design. If this interests you then contact us at Recruitment Cumbria today.