Engineering vacancies, jobs and Cumbria

When considering relocating in England one of the places that draws people from all over the UK, and from almost every career background is Cumbria.  The Lake District and Cumbria as a whole cater for a huge variety of professionals, and Engineering is most certainly one of them.

People looking for engineering jobs in Cumbria will not be disappointed with the variety of mechanical, electrical, design / development etc vocations available to them whilst retaining the obvious lifestyle benefits Cumbria has to offer.  Even the more specialist engineering careers such as nuclear engineering, chemical engineering, petrol and gas engineering are all well catered for with well known institutes such as Sellafield nuclear Power Station, BAE and various oil and gas companies within easy distance of most Cumbrian locales.

Engineering jobs in Cumbria are especially strong in the current climate with BAE winning some major military bids in the naval sector, and the relatively consistent oil and gas industries representatives supplying work for a multitude of sub-contractors in the mechanical and electrical engineering fields, along with materials engineers, chemical engineers, test /quality engineers, and particularly manufacturing roles, with some highly regarded machine shops in South Cumbria particularly.

Professionals from many engineering disciplines at widely varying levels ranging from design engineers through development engineers and senior engineers up to principle engineers and consultants will find themselves well catered for, that coupled with Cumbria’s famous landscape and huge variety of personal pursuits available to sustain even the most adventurous of enthusiasts’ appetites is an obvious draw to the area.

With our specialist knowledge of Engineering as a vocation, and our excellent positioning within Cumbria we offer many benefits to potential clients looking to relocate and gain employment in an engineering job in Cumbria. One to one relationships with our Engineering based clients also provide us with an up front knowledge of engineering opportunities available in Cumbria, and engineering positions as they become available.