Facts and stats show success when using a Recruitment Agency Cumbria

The Recruitment Industry Trends Survey 2013/14 shows how using a recruitment agency in Cumbria can lead to success in hiring new staff. Read on for an outline of these statistics, and other facts and figures that show the triumphs and challenges faced by recruitment agencies.

The success of recruitment agency in Cumbria

The Recruitment Industry Trends Survey 2013/14 outlines a number of interesting facts and statistics relating to recruitment agencies. According to the REC, the UK’s recruitment industry had a total revenue of £28.7 billion at the end of the financial year 2013/2014. This is an increase in turnover of £2.2 billion, or 8.2%, and is the biggest turnover the industry has seen.

How many people have jobs secured through recruitment agencies?

The survey also revealed that agencies, including recruitment agency in Cumbria, helped 630,000 people find a permanent job in 2013/2014. Although this number may seem relatively small, it is worth noting that 34% of recruiters say that their main issue with recruiting on a permanent basis is that there aren’t enough candidates with enough skill and experience. In other words, if you have the skill and expertise, then you’re actually probably in demand.

The survey also details how there are currently 1.15 million people in the UK who have secured a temporary or contract job through a recruitment agency, with the majority of these positions for 12 weeks or longer. This particular success in placing temporary or contract candidates is reflected in the percentage of revenue coming from those positions – 91%.

Although this percentage means that only 9% of recruitment agency revenue comes from permanent placement, that 9% still accounts for £2.7 billion. Not only that but, as mentioned earlier, this is largely due to a shortage of appropriate skills.

So if you want a temporary or contract job, or think you have the skills permanent employers need then contact a recruitment agency in Cumbria today who can give you advice and guidance on the best way to utilize their service and secure your job.