Forge your ideal engineering job via a Recruitment Agency in Barrow

The engineering sector is huge in the UK; in fact, there are over five million people currently employed in engineering roles, both direct and indirect. Engineers and skilled tradespeople are in high demand across the world, and salaries tend to compare favourably with those of many other professions. A chartered engineer will typically earn around £60,000 per annum and can look forward to strong career development opportunities, intellectual stimulation, varied work, challenges, professional recognition and even the chance to travel.

There are also over 500,000 engineering related businesses in the UK and demand is booming. So it makes sense to approach your local recruitment agency in Barrow if you are keen to move into engineering and get ahead. There are permanent, temporary and temp-to-perm engineering roles available now in Barrow in Furness, and recruiters are keen to meet enthusiastic talent.

One particular group that is being actively targeted by engineering companies is women, a group traditionally under-represented in an industry which has often been perceived as rather masculine. However, perceptions are changing, and although only 6 per cent of the engineering workforce is currently female, this balance is slowly starting to change as a wave of apprentices, graduates and early career starters begin their careers in the industry. There are significant levels of government-supported work across the UK, designed to communicate the diversity, attractiveness and reward of working in engineering. This is particularly relevant for those students who are excelling in the traditional STEM subjects at a young age.

If you already know that you want to work in engineering, get in touch with your local recruitment agency in Barrow today and discuss your career aspirations with the team. Barrow has a broad engineering base, including food, automobile, manufacturing, construction, electrical, mechanical and many more. Also large multi-national firms, smaller specialist firms and SMEs are all represented. There are also a range of associated roles within engineering firms for those who wish to work in support, corporate, technical or aligned roles, but still enjoy outstanding rewards and benefits.

Statistics from Engineering UK suggest that nearly 90,000 people per year will be required in the engineering sector over the next decade, so get in touch with your recruitment agency in Barrow today, and get the ball rolling.

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