Great interview questions when filling management jobs Cumbria.

As the person responsible for recruitment within your organisation, you will understand only too well the pressure on you to get it right. You will of course work with a highly respected recruitment agent in order to gain access to the best possible candidates for your management jobs Cumbria, however a lot of your success relies on how well you conduct your interviews. Interviewing candidates is a skill in itself and a lot of thought should be given to how these interviews will be conducted beforehand. If you are interviewing for high-level management jobs Cumbria then this is especially important. The right questions can help you get beneath the CV and find out about the person underneath. Here are some great questions that you can use in the interview:

Why should we hire you?
It sounds obvious, but sometimes the most obvious questions are the ones which garner the best insight into the candidate that you are interviewing. Asking something as simple as ‘why should we hire you’ invites the candidate to deliver their sales pitch, and they should be adequately prepared for this. Their answer will tell you a lot about how much they believe in themselves, and how well they have prepared for the interview.

What frustrates you?
Again, this is a simple question that is great to ask. Everybody has frustrations – it’s an everyday part of life, especially in management jobs Cumbria. But what you should look for is whether they understand how to turn a frustration into a motivation. People who approach their frustrations with positivity are very well equipped to overcome the biggest hurdles in life because they understand how to change their own perceptions.

Tell me about the best boss you ever had
This question helps you gain an insight into their inter-personal skills. They should display that they can recognise people’s strengths and know what to look for in a leader. This is an especially good question to ask if you are interviewing for management jobs because you are effectively asking them what sort of manager they respect and aspire to.

Carrying out the interview process is a difficult job and you should always consult others along the way. It is a good idea to use an external consultant such in order to get a broad view on a candidate, along with several other board members or high-level employees. Choose carefully because your success relies on the qualities of your management staff.

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