Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Cumbria Support Soldiers

Engineers from BAE Systems have been working to create a unique communications system that can be used by military personnel while they’re on the battlefield. The bone conduction technology developed by those in mechanical engineering jobs in Cumbria is currently at the prototype stage, but it will help to improve the safety of soldiers.

The engineers have developed a system that uses the natural ability of the human body to use bone conduction to transmit sounds. Through this they have been able to engineer a device that can pass messages directly into the inner ear from the helmet of a soldier. This development has been achieved through research that the company is funding to improve access to wearable technology for the military, which will reduce the need for them to carry heavy equipment.

Benefits of Bone Conduction Technology
While they’re out in the field, soldiers have to have the facilities to communicate with their base team. This gives them warnings of imminent dangers and enables them to have an understanding of what’s around them. They also need to be protected from loud sounds, including gunfire.

Bone conduction technology is already used in a number of areas, such as hearing aids and commercial headphones. The engineers at BAE systems have taken that and adapted it for military use. The success that they have had has given a high-quality performance as well as reduced the weight and size of the transducer.

As the technology was already in existence, the researchers have been able to minimise the cost of creating the product. The new system gives protection for soldiers’ hearing, but it still enables them to receive clear communications.

The engineers within the team worked closely with the military to understand the specific challenges they face when out in the field and create a solution that works for them. The technology could have additional uses in the future, including being integrated into helmets to make it more convenient.

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