Why might your recruitment agency Ulverston recommend video interviews

Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges that companies face and it’s absolutely essential that they get it right if they want to continue their success and achieve their goals. However, the recruitment process can span weeks, if not months, and it is a huge drain on time and resources. For this reason, your recruitment agency in Ulverston may recommend that at least the initial interview is carried out via video conferencing. Read on to find out the many benefits of doing it this way.

Saving time and money
Video conference is generally a low-cost option when it comes to meetings and interviews, and it is very easy to set up. Rather than spending unnecessary money on arranging face-to-face interviews, in the initial stages video conferencing is a much better idea. You still get to see the candidate and converse with them, without all the worry of organising a face-to-face meeting.

Easy logistics
Very often, you’d like the input of a colleague when you interview your staff, but they are unable to attend in person. Perhaps they are travelling on business, or maybe they are based in a different branch and find it hard to travel to every interview. In either case, allowing them to join the interview via video link-up enables them to feel like they are actually there and allows them to sit in on the interview, therefore being able to give valuable feedback afterwards.

Some tips for effective video conferencing
You need to ensure that you have a reliable software package when it comes to video conferencing so make sure that you have this set up before the interviews, and also test it out beforehand. There is nothing more frustrating (or embarrassing!) than discovering you haven’t got it set up quite right and allowing this to interrupt or even postpone the interview. Set the webcam up on a desk in a suitable boardroom so that the background looks suitably professional and corporate. Finally, make sure you speak slowly and clearly to ensure that you are understood.

Using video conferencing for interviews is becoming more and popular, however you should always ensure that you meet your candidate face-to-face as a final stage before finally offering them the job. Your recruitment agency in Ulverston will be able to offer you loads of help and advice on this subject, and may also be able to suggest a software package that can get you up and running.

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