MPs bid for local worker law

A law could be introduced to force employers to take on workers from the local community.

Copeland MP Jamie Reed has put forward a bill to parliament to give employers a legal obligation to take on labour from the surrounding community, use nearby supply chains and give training to fill gaps in the company.

Mr Reed said the laws, called Local Employment and Supply Chain, would bring a “correcting hand” into the market to ensure local communities can benefit from future major projects.

In his speech on the bill he said: “The Local Employment and Supply Chain bill aims to ensure that people and local communities receive maximum benefit from major privately funded infrastructure projects and government-funded investment projects in areas like West Cumbria and other areas of partial market failure around the UK now and in the future.”

The bill comes only two months after residents in Millom expressed fears that jobs created for a new nuclear power station in Kirksanton would be given to foreign workers and not people in the town.

Mr Reed added “This bill aims to help grow local businesses and to create more jobs and more sustainable communities.

The Evening Mail, p13 Thursday July 2nd , 2009