The past and the present of industry and jobs in Ulverston

Cumbria is perhaps most famous for the mountains, water and valleys of the Lake District. This charming and beautiful part of England attracts tourists all throughout the year, and when you visit it’s easy to see why. However, during a visit to this stunning place you will see evidence of many once-thriving industries that still exist. One of the biggest industries in Cumbria historically was the export of limestone and you will still see evidence of many stone quarries and lime kilns all over Cumbria. This limestone was shipped all over the world and has been used to build houses, walls and other structures. Beneath these, there are still signs of the copper, lead and iron mines that all helped to contribute to the local authority. Because of the amount of rainfall, you will also spot many water mills – some of which still work to this day.

Alongside these, other industries which have thrived in the past include iron and paper making, gunpowder production and marble polishing. Shipbuilding was also a vibrant industry, and Barrow-In-Furness is still well known for its submarine building.

What about today?
These days, the decline in older industries has made way for more modern careers and busy market towns such as Ulverston have a hub of commercial activity with office work being a very popular choice of jobs in Ulverston. All manner of professions are carried out in these offices from engineering right through to insurance, and of course there is always a call for top management professionals to guide these companies well. Commerce is a rapidly growing industry and this alone creates many jobs in Ulverston for the inhabitants of Ulverston and beyond.

The services industry is growing too, and this coupled with the vibrant leisure and tourism industry stands Ulverston and Cumbria in good stead and helps to keep the local economy buoyant. The people of Cumbria are very optimistic about the future, and with the UK’s economy showing clear indications of recovery they feel far more reassured that there is a living to be made here. It’s a very positive time for the Cumbrian economy with many new industries thriving and going from strength to strength. A clear sign of this is the rise in number of recruitment agencies, each having their own specialisms in certain industries.

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