Recruiting for Seasonal Jobs in Ulverston

Ulverston in Cumbria is a large and attractive market town and parish whose main industries include tourism and agriculture. The former industry means that staffing requirements tend to ramp up and down in line with the high and low tourist seasons, and local employers tend to find that recruitment agencies in the area are the best way to fill their job requirements.

If you run a tourism business in the area, perhaps running a B&B, hotel, guest house, restaurant, bar or cafe, you will no doubt find that you need to access experienced and high-quality staff on a temporary basis, with the option of a temp-to-perm appointment for those few which you might need and wish to retain throughout the season if you provide some permanent jobs in Ulverston.

Today, thanks to membership of the EU, many of the seasonal staff in tourism are from member state countries such as Poland, and young students in particular travel over to find seasonal work to fund their travels, study or cultural experiences.

By using a recruitment agency with a specialism in jobs in Ulverston, specifically in the tourism industry, and with a strong understanding of its needs, employers don’t need to spend time on recruitment. This is time that they need to devote to the demands of running a business.

Instead, they can appoint a recruiter to fill their jobs in Ulverston. The recruiter will use a variety of targeted and specialist recruitment channels, which include social media, databases, internet and print advertising and their own networks and contacts. This will ensure that your job is advertised to the right pool of potential candidates quickly and effectively.

The recruiter will then manage responses, sift through CVs and pre-screen and interview promising candidates. Where you have specific experience or skills requirements, the recruiter can even pre-assess these to ensure that you only spend time interviewing potential candidates who possess all the necessary skills and experience to carry out the role.

You simply wait for the CVs and any recommendations to come through to you, bearing in mind that the recruiter will have already met the candidates and assessed vital attributes such as their interpersonal and communication skills, timekeeping, presentation and so forth.

For temp roles, you often will simply pay the recruitment agency an ongoing fee to access their temps, and you can trial them on the job. The agency handles all the administration and paperwork.

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