Your recruitment agency Cumbria find staff, you motivate them – how?

So, you’ve worked with a recruitment agency in Cumbria in order to get the very best team together to push your business further towards achieving its goals. But then what? If you are complacent then you may well find that your team dwindles with morale dropping and productivity on the decline. It’s really important that your team stays motivated, and as their leader the buck stops with you to ensure that this is the case. Read on for some great tips on motivating a workforce.

Offer incentives
Of course, every company works on a tight budget, but when we say incentives, we don’t necessarily mean increasing salaries. Research shows over and over again that while fair pay is important to employees, so is job satisfaction and quality of life. So you can offer incentives to your staff that don’t have to cost you any money, such as a half day’s holiday or even a reward/certificate scheme. Give your staff the recognition that they deserve when they have done a good job and you will find that others strive a little harder to get the same praise.

Team building
Teams often need a little help in order to be able to pull together and work for a common goal. Running regular team building events has been shown to increase morale and therefore productivity. This could be an away day somewhere, or even just a night out on the tiles together. Do what you can to promote good teamwork and you will find that every member of staff feels that little bit more responsible for doing what they can to help the team achieve success.

A clear career path
Anybody in a job wants to know what the next step on the career ladder is for them if they work hard. Make the career structure really clear so that everybody is able to identify where they want to go next. Offer a variety of options; not everybody wants to be promoted into management, but perhaps they would enjoy a role with more responsibility or authority, and of course more money. If people are clear on where they want to go next they will find that they work harder to achieve it.

Motivating your staff is an ongoing process and you should always ensure that regular efforts are made to ensure that the team is happy and productive. When recruiting new staff, ensure that they are adequately inducted and get a chance to meet and feel part of the team.

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