Why a Recruitment Agency in Ulverston can Reduce Business Costs

For many employers, a regular business activity that occurs throughout the year is that of recruitment. This is particularly true of tourist-centric areas such as Ulverston, where there are significant periods of ramp-up for seasonal visitor influxes. It is clearly essential that firms line up high-quality staff to fill roles quickly and to budget. This is where a recruitment agency provides a vital service; in so doing, it can also save the business significant costs.

This might initially seem counter-intuitive, since the cost of outsourcing any function is seen as a visible, variable cost in any budgeting exercise. However, the use of a recruitment agency in Ulverston frees up valuable time, allowing managers to focus on core operational activities, rather than requiring that they undertake recruitment as an additional task. Because the work involved in hiring new staff is time-consuming and specialist, in-house generalists without training or experience in the field will naturally take longer to carry out the essential tasks. Moreover, the resulting quality of hires may not be as strong as that achieved through specialised outsourcing.

This can mean that the business pays in terms of opportunity cost, with lost operational time across the business spent instead on advertising, sifting, selecting, interviewing and appointing new staff. Poor quality hires also lead to high levels of attrition and the associated costs of re-advertising roles, which tend to be significant.

In contrast, a recruitment agency in Ulverston will have a team of seasoned professionals to hand, ready to take on recruitment requirements and fulfil them quickly, easily, expertly and to a very high standard. The ‘right first time’ ethos will be delivered at a competitive cost, with a range of services on offer, covering both permanent and temporary recruitment.

In this model, employers need simply specify their requirements and pay the agency a fee commensurate with the services delivered, together with any other associated costs which are agreed. This compares extremely favourably with the hidden costs associated with internal recruitment.

In short, recruitment agencies are a cost-effective option, allowing employers to outsource a complex task, removing the need to take on the fixed overhead and variable outcomes of an in-house team.

To find out more about how a recruitment agency in Ulverston can help you, why not call one of our experienced recruiters today to discuss your needs or visit the Recruitment Cumbria website for more information.