Reducing Noise Caused by Civil Engineering Jobs in Cumbria

Noise can be a significant factor when highways work or other civil engineering jobs in Cumbria are taking place. Residents living close by are generally warned of the likely impact that the work will have on their lives, but this is often hard to imagine. Now researchers have worked to develop a tool that can simulate the noise that is likely to be generated and the long-term effect of the changes.

Tarmac Man
The Problem of Noise
The issue of traffic noise can be a huge problem for those living close to major roads, train lines or airports. It can have a significant impact on the quality of their lives and can even be a factor in cardiovascular disease, which can lead to deaths.

When work is to be carried out that will increase the noise levels in a certain area, such as the re-routing of a road or increasing capacity at an airport, officials need to create a noise map that highlights the potential impact. However, for most people this can be hard to envisage, so they often don’t consider the true effect or believe that it will be worse than it actually is.

Creating Noise
This problem could be a thing of the past with the help of a new tool that is being developed by a team from SINTEF, a research facility in Norway.

The software will enable sounds to be created that replicate what the scenario will be when the work is finished. The tool can take into account where people are positioned and create sound paths of the different directions taken by the noise. It will also be able to factor in the location of buildings and how these will refract and reflect sounds. The sound can then be played out loud and provide a realistic simulation of events.

The software is currently only being used for research purposes, but in the future it could have a range of applications. It could be used by road developers and local authorities to carry out thorough tests prior to proposals being finalised.

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