The Right Recruitment Agency in Ulverston for Seasonal Staff

If you’re looking for seasonal staff to get through the festive season, then the right recruitment agency in Ulverston can help you, and there is a broad range of benefits available to employers:

Diverse Services to Suit

The right recruitment agency in Ulverston will offer a broad range of temp staffing services, as well as temp-to-perm and of course permanent recruitment if you are seeking a longer-term staff member. For temporary staff, most agencies charge the client a single flat agency fee which covers their costs and the payment of the temp. This means that the employer doesn’t need to deal with any HR, legal requirements or employee administration. They simply pay one flat fee and can take on the staff when needed for the seasonal ramp-up.

Flexibility for the Employer

The employer business can define its requirements exactly, particularly where certain skills are needed for the roles in question, such as serving behind a bar or silver service. The recruitment agency will assess these skills before sending potential staff to the client business. All staff that the business will receive will have been vetted, pre-screened and assessed for skills and competence, so that there are no issues with poorly skilled seasonal hires. However, if the employer business has any problems with a member of staff, the agency will terminate the temporary contract and send a different individual to the business. This service removes a substantial portion of business risk for the employer.

Cost-Effective Service

By paying a single agency fee, the business does not need to take on the hefty costs of maintaining an in-house recruitment team. The business also doesn’t need to manage temporary staff directly or worry about paying their wages and NI. As well as the direct costs, time and resource costs are also saved within the business.

Access to Professional Skills

Recruitment is a specialist job, and only by going to the professionals can you be sure of the right quality of hire. Agencies also offer additional expert services, such as induction training support, bulk recruitment, executive search, recruitment process outsourcing, payroll and more. Increasingly, they are also leading in other emerging areas such as ‘big data’ and employer branding: two areas which can give businesses the edge in the challenging recruitment field.

To find out more about getting top services from your recruitment agency in Ulverston, call our friendly and expert team of recruitment professionals today.