Why is social networking so effective when filling engineering jobs?

Ask any employer what their biggest challenge is, and the chances are that they will say that by far their biggest struggle is finding the right people for their jobs (and then retaining them too). You are only as good as your workforce, and if you can equip yourself with the very best workers then you stand yourself in the best possible place for ongoing success. Conversely, if you end up with people working for you who just aren’t good enough, this can end up costing your business a lot of money. Read on to find out why employers are taking to social networking to optimise their chances of success in filling engineering jobs.

The platforms
The most common social media platform for recruitment has to be LinkedIn. This community of business people find it very useful for all manner of things, and if you are looking to fill engineering jobs then this is by far the best place to start looking on the web. Single out people who appeal to you, and consider approaching them directly to ask them to apply. Some companies also use other large platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in order to spread the word that they are recruiting, and this is very powerful because your posts and tweets stand to be shared to hundreds, if not thousands of people.

Combine it with your recruitment process
Of course, there is no substitute for using a recruitment agent in order to find the best people for your engineering jobs. These are the experts when it comes to candidate selection and they will have a huge bank of contacts to draw on in order to find the perfect person for you. Speak to them and ask them how they use their social media in order to help find candidates. The chances are that they have a tried and tested policy that works well for them, and that you could tap into too. It’s best to work in tandem with your recruitment agency when it comes to social media so that the job search is carried out in a cohesive manner.

Using social media for recruitment is just one of the many business uses that this wonderful resource offers. More and more employers are taking to the internet to advertise for staff and many people find their perfect job courtesy of the World Wide Web. This is the future of recruitment, and it’s a very powerful resource for your company.

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