Three Ways a Recruitment Agency in Barrow Helps with Permanent Roles

For permanent roles, a recruitment agency in Barrow can be a major asset to a local employer. Here is a closer look at three of the principal benefits in engaging with one to provide support with permanent recruitment activity.

Recruiters Are Specialists

Recruitment is an increasingly specialist field, with areas such as employer branding, big data, social media recruitment strategies, HR and recruitment legislation all being on the agenda. For the vast majority of employers, it makes economic sense to use a recruitment agency in Barrow for support in these areas rather than to attempt to maintain an in-house resource, particularly with costly permanent staff. Recruiters also have broad networks of professionals in relevant sectors. They can mine these networks in order to gain access to the best candidates, using advanced recruitment strategies that blend on and offline marketing, sales and other engagement strategies.

Scope of Services

A recruitment agency will typically cover a range of different desks and its permanent recruitment function will offer specific expertise in the field. It may even offer executive search and headhunting for senior and hard-to-fill roles. This diversity of service can be tailored to the client’s needs and delivered as a one-off or on-going package, according to requirements.
For on-going permanent recruitment, many employers use their recruitment agency on a retained or enhanced basis, whereby they build up a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. This will typically see the recruiter gaining all of their long term recruitment business. This allows the recruiter to get to know the company, its culture and operating market. As a result, the recruiter can operate on a more strategic and advisory basis as well as providing the base recruitment service.


Recruiters work hard for their clients and are on hand when they are needed for advice or to answer questions. This is hugely valuable for time-poor employers. Recruiters will carry out all of the time-consuming tasks associated with advert placement, CV sifting, candidate contact and pre-selection, together with other activities that the employer may wish to outsource in the recruitment and selection of permanent staff.

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