Tips for Writing Your Cover Letter for Engineering Jobs in Barrow

Engineering jobs in Barrow exist at all levels, with a number of major employers. However, competition can be tough. To really stand out, your application needs to be of the highest quality. In addition to a CV, you need a covering letter. The following tips will help you to perfect this vital application stage:

A cover letter exists to provide a courtesy contact, and to briefly present your CV.

For the first purpose, explain who you are, for which role you are applying and present relevant contact details. For the second, remember that your cover letter is not there to re-hash your entire CV; it should merely present some of the most relevant points for your application, and encourage the employer or recruiter to read on. Keep it as brief, but as content rich as possible; one side of A4 is a good guide. To be successful in securing offers for the best engineering jobs in Barrow, pick out some key themes using the job advert to identify the most relevant points and flag them up in the letter content.

Always bear in mind that the covering letter is essentially a sales communication and use this to weed out any weak or non-essential content. Remember that the employer’s time is limited and they will be grateful for candidates who can quickly and accurately explain why they should be selected for interview!

The first paragraph is vital. Be succinct and clear in explaining your reason for writing. Similarly, end the letter with a ‘call to action’, such as to request a follow up call or the opportunity to attend an interview. Be polite, friendly and professional. Another good tip is to include a reference or two specifically about the company. Do your research and then add a relevant line to explain why, specifically, you want to work for them. This shows that you have made the effort to research them and to appropriately target your communication.

Use active language in the content and aim to use words that have appeared in the job advert. Avoid negative words, but make sure your personality is accurately reflected.

Finally, keep the letter neat and tidy and sign it personally in ink. Also address it to a named contact. If need be, call the HR team or speak to your recruiter for advice.

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