Top 3 Tech Trends Used by Recruitment Agency in Barrow Staff

Technology is significantly changing the way in which recruiters carry out business. The application of these latest trends will also help you find that ‘best-fit’ job. Here is an example of some of the changes currently in play.

Social media

Most recruiters are now on social media, which means that you can find the latest jobs, receive notifications of fresh listings and engage with your recruitment agency in Barrow online and on the go. Sign up to your recruiter’s Facebook page, Twitter feed or LinkedIn profile to keep regularly updated. You may also find that they have an email notification facility on their website which will post out new jobs on a regular basis. Also your recruitment agency in Barrow may have an app, if so, download it onto your smartphone and allow it to push notifications to you when relevant positions come online. Remember, with seasonal jobs it may be a case of first come, first served!


Powerful databases are becoming ever more commonplace in recruitment. This is good news for candidates, as databases help to match your CV with suitable jobs more effectively and more rapidly. You can help the process by making sure your CV has relevant industry key words focusing on experience, skills, qualifications and so forth. Remember, the database needs to find these ‘rich’ content words in order to match you.

Social candidate sourcing

It’s no longer just recruiters that use a social media profile. Smarter candidates also maintain a professional social media presence on sites such as LinkedIn. This allows recruiters to find out more about you, gives them the ability to approach you, and also to browse portfolios where necessary. Be mindful too that some recruiters will also try to look at your purely social presence, such as Facebook. This means that you either need to be very careful about your security settings, or mindful about the types of content and photos that you are posting. When in doubt, remind yourself that social media is a public forum and no data can ever be entirely or permanently deleted. Consider and ask yourself ‘would I want my prospective employer to see this?’ and pause before uploading those risqué holiday pics!

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