Ulverston Brewing Company at capacity.

The Ulverston Brewing Company has been producing quality beers for both local and national festivals, pubs and retail outlet for a number of years. This has been great for the local economy and has boosted revenue in pubs, bars, off-licenses and shops alike. This has naturally led to increased job vacancies and greater job security in the region.

The brews produced at this award winning brewery in the south Lake District are being sold primarily to the local market, simply due to the very high demand being experienced and the locality of the market. The beer cannot be brewed quick enough to meet demand, let alone to fulfill the huge expansion opportunities. In time, I think that this will lead to the creation of many jobs in the business for expansion purposes, also suring up other employment in the area, such as accountancy, engineering and finance divisions.

As an award winning brewery, the Ulverston Brewing Company is pleased to have been recently crowned Champion Speciality Beer by CAMRA. This is a huge selling point for the firm and will lead to job security and hopefully development opportunities.