Ulverston Landmark at risk!

The lighthouse shaped monument is Ulverston and South Lakeland’s most recognisable landmark. It can be seen for many miles and has become an iconic and much loved symbol for the town and the Furness Peninsula.  It stands on Hoad Hill, a 430ft high summit close to the town centre where the monument commands views over Morecambe Bay, the Lake District, Furness Peninsula and the Pennines. This landmark leads to greater tourism in the town and hence job vacancies and increased employment in the wider area.

However, the grade II* listed building on Hoad Hill is currently being refurbished. This had led to a fall in the level of tourism in the area and a worry that staffing opportunities and job creation could be affected.

On top of this, police have received several complaints regarding people attempting to climb and vandalize the scaffolding. This could also have an affect on the engineers and engineering prospects in the area.

“There have been incidents of people digging underneath the ground and removing scaffolding.”

This is not good news for the town, which normally has an exceptional record for youth vandalism and general anti-social behavior. Let’s hope that this will not have an adverse affect on the draw on the quaint market town and that job vacancies and local businesses can be kept in tact.