Using a Recruitment Agency in Barrow to Manage Your Staffing

If you run a business based in Cumbria, then a recruitment agency in Barrow can help you to manage your staffing needs with an expert team based locally. The team understands the area, its industries and the Cumbrian jobs market. Recruitment agencies tend to offer three or four main service areas which are valuable for different circumstances.

Permanent Recruitment

This is where the recruitment agency in Barrow will fill your permanent role, and it is often required for roles with more advanced or senior requirements. They are typically appointments with a trickier skill set to fill or where particular recruitment expertise is required. The agency will be able to advertise your role through the right channels, pre-screen candidates, work their extensive contacts lists and ensure that you get to interview a qualified and high-quality pool of candidates.

Temporary Recruitment

For many businesses, seasonal shifts in staffing requirements or contract ramp-ups mean that they often need large numbers of temporary staff. Examples of these requirements might be an increase in the number of call-centre staff in anticipation of customer response to a large promotion, a ramp-up of construction staff for a new project or a ramp-up of sales staff and customer advisors in advance of the Christmas season.

A recruitment agency in Barrow will be able to help you find the right staff for your needs and will help with valuable pre-screening and testing, according to your requirements, so that you only get suitable staff for your assignment. Typically, the agency will also cover the agency staff’s payment and other employment-related administration too, and as the client business you will simply pay an agreed sum to the agency which covers these costs.

Temp-to-Perm Recruitment

This is common where good temporary staff are in place when the requirement for permanent staff arises within a business. The agency can help facilitate the necessary administration and paperwork to ensure that everything is handled correctly to time and to budget.

Executive Search

Some recruitment agencies also offer executive search or headhunting for senior appointments and hard-to-fill appointments, usually at a senior level of the organisation. This service is specialist and sees the most experienced recruiters using their contacts lists and extensive networks to gently approach target candidates and deal with enquiries discreetly and effectively.

To find the right service for your business, call our friendly and experienced recruitment team today to discuss your needs.