Using a recruitment agency in Cumbria: how to make your final choices

When recruiting for a position within your company using a recruitment agency in Cumbria it can be difficult to make your final decision when it comes to choosing the right person to hire. You may be faced with two people who are equally as suited to the role, or perhaps you are faced with the dilemma of not having any candidates who perfectly fit the bill. It is always a good idea to take this decision very seriously rather than making a snap decision that you may later come to regret. In this article we’ll talk you through the process of making that all-important final decision. Read on to find out more.

Two people, one post?
Often when using a recruitment agency in Cumbria, their expertise means that they find more than one ideal candidate. If you are in a situation where two people are perfectly suited for the job, then which one do you choose? In this case it is a good idea to call them both back for a second interview. Think very carefully in advance about the sorts of questions you could ask them in order to help you find your favourite. You may well find that you have more of an inclination towards one of them after getting to know them both a little better. If you still feel undecided then make a list of pros and cons for each candidate and see who looks better on paper.

Nobody that fits the bill?
No matter how hard you and your recruitment agency in Cumbria work to find a good selection of candidates, sometimes there just isn’t one person that stands out from the rest. In this case, what do you do? It is far more sensible to keep looking, even if that means starting the whole process from scratch by re-advertising, than to settle for someone who isn’t quite right. Employing somebody that you have doubts about may well pay off, but it’s more likely that you’ll live to regret the decision. In the end your perseverance will pay off and you will find somebody that fits the bill perfectly.

No applicants?
Again, no matter how much effort you and your recruitment agency in Cumbria put into your recruitment, sometimes nobody applies. In this case it is best to check the basics. Are you advertising in the right place? Is the salary appropriate for what you are looking for? Have you made the job description clear and have you highlighted the benefits of working for your company?

Being thorough and selective is your key to bagging the best employees on the market, so choose carefully and always listen to your instinct.

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