Virtual Reality to Help Design Engineer Vacancies in Ulverston

New virtual-reality technology could be used in the future by those taking on design engineer vacancies in Ulverston. New developments by a company based in Germany have led to software that can create virtual cars and allow consumers to try them out in 3D.

This technology could be used by design engineers across the world in the future to support their product-development process. The Virtual Reality Content Machine (VRCM) has been developed by Rocket Data Intelligence. It utilises CAD data in order to create videos and images of the vehicles that are photo-realistic and far superior to anything that has been previously possible.
young engineer
With the use of this technology, consumers will have the power to create images of their ideal cars straight from their smartphone or other device, including PCs and tablets. They can then make changes and add in the features that they require in order to generate a dream vehicle. When they’re at a car dealership, they will also be able to have a fully immersive experience and see exactly how the car will perform.

The new technology has enhanced the capabilities of this type of computer-generated design and speeded up the time to takes to create. Rather than requiring a CPU to carry out the rendering, the VRCM utilises GPU Accelerated Rendering. This is a much quicker process and is far easier to use, particularly for customers and dealers who are not used to the technology. The system doesn’t require a complicated or expensive piece of hardware and can be operated from a standard gaming PC.

The information that is generated by the system from the customer’s specifications can then be used in various ways for product development and marketing purposes. It will result in early product designs being more effective and enable vehicles to get to market sooner and be more in line with what customers are looking for.

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