Ways to Impress Your Recruitment Agency in Barrow

When you’re job hunting, the natural focus is to consider what will most impress the employer, and this is certainly the key question for your application and interview. However, it is also a good idea to impress the recruiter. The recruiter represents the client employer and will be recommending candidates for interview, so you need to convince them that you are right for the role. Remember, their professional reputation and their income will depend upon sending only suitable and high-quality candidates to their client. So before you approach a recruitment agency in Barrow, consider how you go about it for maximum effect.

Be Professional

Always act professionally when you deal with a recruitment agency in Barrow. This is vital, as you are representing your professional self. Go into the branch looking smart and have a copy of your CV and a standard covering letter to hand. If you are submitting your details electronically, try to follow up with a phone call to show that you are proactive and a good communicator. In your dealings with the recruiter, be professional, friendly and courteous, and flag up any gaps on your CV if they exist. The recruiter can help you to present any gaps. The important thing is that you don’t attempt to conceal anything which will later arise during the recruitment process and penalise you if you haven’t been transparent about career gaps or reasons for leaving your last role.

Know Your Objectives

It helps to know exactly what sort of role you are looking for and in what sector. Be prepared to talk through your CV and experience and demonstrate to the recruitment agency in Barrow why you are qualified and suitable for those roles. This is important, as it helps the recruiters to successfully place you.

Be Available

When you go to the trouble of contacting a recruitment agency, make sure you provide up-to-date contact details and save their number in your phone so that you know who’s calling you. Pick up the phone and be available. Equally, if interview opportunities come up, be as flexible as you can to ensure that you receive an invite. Sometimes interviews will be available at short notice, particularly for temporary or contract roles, so it pays to be flexible.

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