What Are Engineering Public Sector Jobs in Cumbria?

The public sector refers to any government-run organisation, funded by taxpayers. This includes more obvious areas such as the NHS, councils and schools, but there are also a number of other roles usually associated with the private sector. For example, there are a number of opportunities for engineering public sector jobs in Cumbria.

Public sector jobs are often popular for a number of reasons, and not only that the give you the chance to really help your community. Public sector jobs often provide more job security, and better pension schemes. They also often offer the opportunity to earn the same amount over less time, according to studies, and frequently offer flexitime, so they can be ideal for people with families.

Whilst public sector jobs in Cumbria are often thought of as primarily related to the NHS, councils and schooling, and engineering roles are typically associated with private companies such as BAE Systems and Sellafield, there are in fact various engineering public sector jobs in Cumbria.

Areas across the UK that involve public sector engineering roles include those involved with the roads, some defence projects and those involved with the Met Office. Others involve more obvious areas of the public sector, such as planning and managing government buildings such as hospitals.

Roles relating to defence are traditionally thought of in terms of the Armed Forces, however there are also roles concerning area such as technology development that need engineers from the public sector in order to protect the security of certain information.

Careers in environmental engineering are also frequently in the public sector, whether that is with a regulatory body concerned with environmental protection, or concerned with designing and maintaining equipment for weather prediction in the Met Office.

No matter what area of engineering you are trained in, there are plenty of engineering public sector jobs in Cumbria that offer the advantages of public sector employment, allowing you to have a long and financially stable career. If you would like more information, or help finding the perfect public sector jobs for you, visit Recruitment Cumbria today and submit your CV to our database.