What Are Environmental Civil Engineering Jobs in Cumbria?

Civil engineering deals with the design, construction and maintenance of things that are built such as dams, bridges and buildings. The discipline is broken into several sub-disciplines, meaning that there are a wide range of civil engineering jobs in Cumbria. One of those sub-disciplines is environmental engineering, which combines science and engineering to improve the natural environment. It deals with areas such as energy preservation, waste control, radiation protection, environmental sustainability and public health.

Environmental Engineering in Cumbria
The huge variety of issues addressed by environmental engineering means that there is a huge range of environmental civil engineering jobs in Cumbria. The most obvious of these are involved with the windfarms as a source of sustainable energy, and the Sellafield nuclear plant.

Windfarms in Cumbria are a significant part of the UK’s drive to generate more renewable energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Climate change is a real problem in this day and age, and protecting our environment is becoming more and more vital for the survival of our planet and its inhabitants.
Despite concerns that the turbines ruin the countryside, wind farms are arguably some of the least controversial of energy sources. The wind farm off the coast of Walney, Barrow-in-Furness is one of the largest offshore windfarms in the world, and there are a number of both onshore and offshore wind farms across Cumbria.
Existing wind farms create a number of environmental civil engineering jobs in Cumbria through roles such as maintenance and the extension or improvement of existing wind farms such as the planned changes to the Kirkby Moor wind farm. Other roles include the designing and construction of future wind farms.

The main problem faced by Sellafield is the holding of spent fuel, and ensuring that radioactive waste is safely managed. Nuclear environmental engineers are tasked with figuring out how to dispose of nuclear sludge in a safe and efficient manner in order to protect the workers and environment.
Clean-up at Sellafield has been the centre of much controversy over the years, mostly due to concerns surrounding decaying ponds and silos leaking waste into the soil and damaging the environment. There is also reportedly risk of explosions from the gases created by corrosion, making the clean-up operation even more important.
This task provides a number of sought-after civil engineering jobs in Cumbria, with generous salaries offering you the opportunity to grow within the company and make a real difference to the environmental impact of the site.

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