Where to Look for Design Engineer Vacancies in Ulverston

Investment in Ulverston’s infrastructure, business and housing is set to make Ulverston a hub for design engineering. With a range of engineering-related companies making expansions, and the government making their own contributions, Ulverston is set to grow significantly over the coming decade. If you are looking for an engineering role, then design engineer vacancies in Ulverston could be the best choice for you. But which companies tend to have the best design engineer vacancies in Ulverston? Read on to find out.

Tritech International
Tritech International specialise in the design and production of underwater imaging equipment, using state of the art technology to produce high quality and efficient products. Tritech in Ulverston recently moved their Design and Production site to a new area of the town in order to improve efficiency and reduce environmental effects. The move also means that they can steadily increase the amount of new employees taken on yearly, allowing the company to grow further.

Siemens Subsea
Siemens Subsea produce “subsea power and data connection systems for the worldwide oil and gas industry”. They produce state of the art equipment, and are world leaders in their industry. Siemens Subsea currently have expansion plans, and have already increased their workforce by around 65% in three years.

GlaxoSmithKline is a global healthcare company, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, who research and develop vaccines, medicines and other healthcare products. Glaxo are one of the world’s leading healthcare companies and are currently planning to build a new biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Ulverston. This is set to provide new long-term employment opportunities, hopefully doubling the amount of workers at the site.

Marl International
Marl International specialise in the design and manufacture of LED products and systems. Marl produce a range of products that are distributed across the world using state-of-the-art facilities. Marl are based in Ulverston, and currently employ over a hundred members of staff with potential for significant growth over the coming years. This makes Marl International yet another fantastic prospect for those seeking design engineer vacancies in Ulverston in both the near and far future.

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