Work experience can help you stand out to recruitment agency Cumbria

In competitive industries it is essential that you stand out above the rest. When looking for candidates to employ, recruiters will no doubt be most impressed by those with experience in the industry. Not only does this show the employer that you know what you’re doing, but it also shows determination and commitment to the role.

How can you get experience?

Most of us have been in the position where you need experience for a job but need a job for experience, the catch 22 of employment that so many intelligent and qualified job hunters find themselves in. Occasionally employers might take a chance on you, perhaps if they empathise with your situation. However, when using a recruitment agency in Cumbria, employers often want only the best candidates. So, you’re going to need to get experience.


Volunteering is perhaps the easiest way to gain experience no matter what job you want experience for. Any experience is better than no experience, so volunteering with something as simple as till work at a charity shop will improve your CV whilst you look for something more specific to your career goal. If you’re a student then you could apply for an appropriate role within a society. Doing this helps you gain experience, lets you find out your strengths and weaknesses, shows your commitment to your career and demonstrates effort and determination since the role would take from your personal time.
Find an Internship

Finding an internship is more difficult than finding a volunteering role but is ultimately more rewarding. Being an intern allows you to get real practical experience with the particular role within a respectable company. Again this allows you to gain experience and discover your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes internships even lead to full time employment but even if it doesn’t having the experience looks great to a recruitment agency in Cumbria.

Get Involved

Being involved in classes and groups related to the work you are looking for shows your interest in the field and allows you to expand your knowledge of the area. It also provides the opportunity to meet people in the industry and make connections. Getting your name and personality out there puts you in the forefront of future employer’s minds and helps you stand out above others who aren’t networking.

Don’t Turn Anything Down

Finally, it is important that you never turn down an opportunity to gain experience. No matter whether the job is unpaid, low paid, temporary or involves a long commute – it is important that you show your commitment and willingness to go the extra mile. Any employer using a recruitment agency in Cumbria will only want the best, those who stand out above the rest.

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