How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter for Engineering Jobs in Cumbria

A cover letter is your opportunity to show the employer exactly why you are right for the engineering jobs in Cumbria before they read your CV. It allows you to explain to the employer why you want that job in particular, before they get to the generic list of qualifications and experience in your CV. For this reason, cover letters can help shape the employer’s first impressions of you and can be essential to pique their interest in you.

Before Writing

Before you begin writing your cover letter, ensure you research the role thoroughly so you know exactly what the employer is looking for. Think about what it is the employer wants to hear, and think about what you can say about yourself to fulfil their expectations.


Begin writing with an introduction that is concise – make sure it contains all the appropriate information but is nonetheless straight to the point. You should always address your letter to whoever deals with recruitment as this adds a personal touch to the letter. Not only does this show the level of your interest in the job, as you have gone to the effort of finding out their name, but it also shows that it is not a generic letter sent out to numerous employers. In your introduction you should also outline what job it is you have applied for and where you found out about the job. The engineering jobs Cumbria has available are varied, so specifying what it is you have applied for shows that you do actually know what you have applied for and makes the job of the recruiter much easier. The recruiter will not be impressed if they have to figure out what it is you have applied for, and may make judgements based on this first impression. Finally, outline any other documents that you have included in your application. This gives the recruiter an idea of what to expect and may flag up any accidentally missing documents.


In this section you should explain why you want the job you have applied for and why you want to work for the company in question. You should aim to show how you will be an asset to the company, therefore making them want to employ you. Research the employer providing the engineering jobs in Cumbria if you need to, as this shows genuine interest and commitment. Explaining how the role fits into your career plan again shows commitment and lets the employer know that you are driven and dedicated. You should also highlight any skills, experience or qualifications directly related to the role with the aim of showing why you are the ideal candidate. Make sure that you can show that you have all of the skills required in the job description. In doing all this, remain concise and formal.


In your conclusion you should reiterate your interest in working for the company, and why you are ideal for the position. Make sure you express your interest in engineering jobs in Cumbria and your interest in an interview for the particular role. End with confident phrases such as ‘I look forward to hearing from you’. This shows your confidence in yourself and implies that the employer should be confident in you also. Make sure you close off the letter with the appropriate ‘Yours sincerely’ or ‘Yours faithfully’ (sincerely if you addressed them by name, faithfully if you did not). This shows that you are professional and polite, and gives an overall good impression of your character.

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