How to Write the Perfect CV for Engineering Jobs in Cumbria

Your CV might well be one of the most important things you ever write as it could land or lose you your dream job. It is for this reason that you should spend a good amount of time on your CV and ensure that it is of the best quality.

First of all, ensure that your CV is tailored towards the job that you have applied for. Looking carefully at the job description, make sure you highlight the qualities or qualifications you have that correspond with what the employer needs. Other things to bear in mind are spell checking and presentation as you want to appear intelligent and professional. Also, ensure that you are totally honest throughout the CV as you might be asked about some details in your interview and will give an instant bad impression if it becomes apparent that you have lied.

Bearing this in mind, you should set out your CV as follows:

Personal Information

First of all, detail your relevant personal information. Include details such as your name, address, contact number and email but don’t include any other details if they are not relevant.

Important Skills

Next, you might find it is useful to highlight some important skills – especially if there are specific skills mentioned in the job description. This allows you to highlight abilities that your employer wants that aren’t necessarily qualifications. For example, often engineering jobs in Cumbria require excellent IT skills so highlighting those could help you stand out to the employer.


Next, detail all of your qualifications – starting with the highest level. Include details of where you studied, the dates you studied and the level you achieved. Include everything, even awards such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, as often such awards demonstrate skills of more relevance to engineering jobs in Cumbria than you first realise.


In your employment section you want to detail any employment, internships or volunteering roles – again in reverse chronological order. Give brief descriptions of the roles you have had and highlight your achievements within the roles. In this section you should tell the employer what skills you gained from previous employment.

Hobbies and Interests

This is a section that you need to be particularly careful with as employers can easily get the wrong idea about you. Saying that you enjoy socialising, for example, could come across as meaning that you talk too much or spend a lot of free time out partying. Instead, mentioning any specific clubs or groups that you are involved in – perhaps a sports club – shows that you are a sociable person without the negative connotations or interpretations. Similarly, make sure that the hobbies and interests that you include are actually relevant for the position. The above example, although seemingly unrelated to engineering, demonstrates teamwork and could be just what the employer is looking for. On the other hand, stating that you enjoy skydiving has little to do with engineering jobs in Cumbria and is irrelevant – so don’t include it.


In this section you could simply state that references are available on request. However, employers already know this and often it is seen as unnecessary so it might be best to leave this section off. Do not include the details of your references – if they receive calls from lots of would-be employers then they may get sick of being your referee and withdraw their permission to use them. On a similar note, always make sure your referees know that they are your referees – asking permission politely could greatly improve the quality of their reference. If you do not ask their permission then you risk them not knowing who you are, or coming across as obviously taken off guard by the call. This gives the impression that you are bad mannered and unprofessional – which evidently you do not want the employer to think.

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